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The Collection of Toppest Designer Glasses in the World

The glasses are powerful tool which people use to correct visual acuity and protect the eyes, and are the guardian of the eyes for a long time, and company you in all your endeavors.With the improvement of people's material and cultural level, glasses become the special ornaments of cosmetology or people using to reflect personal styles.Even many top-listed companies in the world have released ray ban glasses which make eyeglasses become luxury goods. Let's count those brands of designer glasser of resounding fame.During World War II, emporio armani glasses came into being to meet the needs of the military and later became famous because they are often wore by the American pilots.They can absord the most sunsight and release the least heat, it can also keep good ability of being clear in the aspect of vision, the results are very satisfied in the military try-out.At that time, it is said that all men in the United States almost had a pair of ports glasses, and showed their men's mettles by wearing the glasses.Whether stylish metal or decorative plastic materials coupled with bold colors, it could make boss glasses become an essential and fashion ornament on their face.Being elegant and simple and not showy, together with the pursuit of high quality, 'seemingly simple, but containing infinite' is the spirit of Giorgio Armani, which makes it an important figure that impact 'duty bound to be minimalist'.Cartier family is the famous manufacturer for the French gold and silver jewelry in the mid-19th century.guess sunglasses use scientific plastic materials which strengthens layered sense and stereovision and let women wear a sense of noble as well as a unique personality.The metal Cartier eyeglass frames use high-nickel alloy, which is characterized by good elasticity, high hardness, firm weld joints, durable performance and slender frame and suitable to the fashion.Nikon is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of optical products, has the world advanced optical technology.Nikon glasses stress on the quality except style, especial on the material’s excessive development, it is well known.Its application of the lens keeps the pursuit of continuous improvement, with high-definition, high light transmission rate, advanced coating technology, lightweight, ultra-thin and hard and so on.carrera sunglasses are come from Canada. The design theme is simple style, rich innotation, to be the symbol of fashion and elegant.yvesSaintLaurent sunglasses express the brand style in careful and delicate, they also combine the fashion popular element and high technic meterials perfectly.It fully exhibits metallic feeling and morbidezza of materials after reading the noble life quality of wise citizens.gucci sunglasses specify in the needs of elites in society. The customers are in a wide rate, but they are common at the willing to show personality.Therefore, the style created by the designers should be not only practical and in good taste, but also cool, such as using large amounts of rough frame design, as well as lens in blue or black.

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